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GW Monthly Networking Business Event in NYC Thursday, August 27, 2009(Networking with A Purpose) Dallas BBQ 27 West 72nd St. New York

GW Monthly Networking Business Event in NYC Thursday, August 27, 2009(Networking with A Purpose)Dallas BBQ 27 West 72nd St. New York

The purpose of GW Monthly Networking Event is build meaningful and powerful relationships which have a profound impact on economic development for all attendees.

GW Monthly Networking goal is for attendees to get to know, like and trust one another, thereby increasing the number of quality business transactions among the group.

Location: Dallas BBQ 27 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023

Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Lower Level

Admission $20.00

$25.00 at Door

Meal Included: Half Rotisserie Chicken Served with Corn Bread, Baked Potato, Cole Slaw.

Drinks Not Included.

Entire Group Must be ordering from Group Rate Menu


"I really enjoyed the GW Monthly Networking event, it was insightful, informative and most importantly I got to network with many professionals. This event was awesome."

- Lucia Lucia Bennett, Mary Kay Consultant

"I love the GW Monthly Networking Event, there are so many successful and powerful men and women that attend who actually want to share resources and empower others. This network is a wonderful addition to my Empire Builders Wealth Alliance that I have formed.”

-Jacqueline Wilson

“It was a pleasure attending GW Monthly Networking Event. It was great meeting and talking to many of the attendees. This guest speaker was very helpful in answering many of my financial questions.”

- Vanetta L. Singletary

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Limited Seating RSVP A Must! No Exceptions.

To RSVP Via Telephone Contact: 1.888.340.3409

Phil Andrews

Georgia Woodbine

Sam Underwood

Guest Speaker: Warren Woodberry

Topic: How To Brand Your Business in a Downward Economy

Expose Yourself

How to Harness the Power of the Press to Promote Your Business

If your business is struggling in a down economy, now is not the time to cut back in advertising, however budget restraints may force you to go without it. For a fraction of your advertising costs, you could get positive press on your business free or at little expense if you Expose Yourself and Harness the Power of the Press with public relations.

Why Would the Media Give A Hoot About My Business?

Because reporters need stories and you got one to tell - you just don’t know it yet. Besides there’s more to your business than you know - here’s why.

So How Do I Get Them To Notice Me?

Make yourself look nice and you might get asked out on a date. Learn how to create an attractive media advisory, press release, press kit and other cool stuff the media adores.

Uh Oh - I Got Their Attention Now What?

You need to know how to hold a press conference, conduct an interview, and understand what it really means when you say, ‘No Comment.’

More, More, I Like Being the Media Darling!

Don’t stop, keep it going! Learn how to keep your business in the news, build relationships with journalists, and go after national and international press!


About: Warren Woodberry, Jr.

Warren Woodberry Jr. is a publicist and former 15-year award winning journalist. Mr. Warren worked as Staff Writer for New York Daily News and covered some of the city’s most historic news events from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center to the New York Police Department shooting death of Sean Bell. He is distinguished as an expert in his field and member of the Society of Industry Professionals. He serves as chair of the publicity committee for the American Association of University Women, Manhattan Chapter, and was honored as a person under age 40 to watch by ‘Rising Stars.’

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